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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ten Out of Ten - Bucks County Courier Times July 20, 2018

     Thank God for Letter Writer x telling NRA members how to stand up for their 2nd Amendment Rights.  Not sure where we'd be without x and her superior wisdom on sensible gun ownership.  Her wealth of knowledge on safety, law and the most basic of human rights is spellbinding.  
     x, not to be confused with Annie Oakley, thinks that gun manufacturers give the NRA a bad name.  Not 100% sure, but I think it's liberals like x who attempt to give the NRA a bad name.  I wonder if that's to distract from all of the sociopathic acts committed by extreme liberals and virtually none by NRA members.
     Maybe the best way to combat the ills of society is with x control.  Gun Control only emboldens liberal predatory deviants and takes guns away from those who didn't do it.  In fact 10 out of 10 criminals (and Democrats) favor gun control.  
     I'm sure that x is very nice and well-intended which is precisely why our Founding Fathers had x in mind when drafting The Constitution.  For that I am grateful and salute x and all x’s wherever they may be.