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Thursday, May 03, 2018

That's Right - Bucks County Courier Times May 3, 2018

     So when serving in the Marine Corps there’d be a very rare occurrence where a peer or senior would be caring more about their own careers than in the leadership that actually defined their duties.  It was weird, afflicted about 5% and was ultimately self-destructive to the careers that they seemed to care so much about.  I know - it makes zero sense.  That’s why I bring it up.
     When we speak of Marines we automatically know that these are people who can be reliably trusted no matter what; even when no one is looking.  In fact, especially when no one is looking.  There’s simply a transformation that takes place in Boot Camp or Officer Candidate School.  Many, of course, possess these qualities prior to training and just entered arenas like the Marine Corps to continue to demonstrate them.
     Being a Marine is no guarantee, but it’s a very good indication of good character and integrity.  A few do slip through, but not many.  It’s probably the same 5% as noted above.
     I think that most people have at least a vague understanding of this which is why everyone seems to honor the troops.  The best way, really, to honor military personnel is to understand who they are and what they stand for.
     There is no compromise when honesty and competence are at hand.  You either can be counted on without question or you can’t.  Weighing the facts and making decisions based on good judgement isn’t compromise, but just the good leadership that we tragically lack nationwide.
     A glaring problem with politics today is the lack of service.  95% of Congress, for example, doesn’t care (or know) enough about honesty to expend the required energy.  Seems like an awfully high number and that’s the point.  It’s the opposite phenomena of what exists in the military.
     Decades ago there were many more Veterans in public office.  Sadly, now there are few; with the corresponding result.  Politics should be defined by good leadership, but it just isn’t today.  There were times when it was and there’s no reason why that can’t be restored.
     Politics is a vehicle to the feeding trough of government.  Many will argue that it’s too large and fast to do anything about, but we should consider starting somewhere and Bucks County would be an outstanding choice. 
     Certainly, there are a few good people in Congress today, but not that many.
     Fortunately for the voters of this Congressional District there is a Marine Corps Veteran who has stepped forward to demonstrate what I’m trying to say.  His name is Dean Malik.
     I’ve known Dean for several years having met him through some common connections and he’ll definitely be One-of-the-Few in Congress.  There is no doubt.
     Please, though, don’t take my word for it.  The Primary approaches and do consider taking the time to get to know Mr. Malik.
     Dean’s wife, Jessica, is also a Marine Corps Veteran.  They have raised 4 children in Bucks County and understand the concerns of families in the District.
     Dean’s loyalty is to the founding principles of this nation. 
     He is a Constitutional Conservative.  He will stand up for all of the liberties guaranteed for everyone in the Bill of Rights.
     Dean will go to Congress to fight for the core American values that we all share and he will not be swayed by the constantly shifting political winds. 
     Dean will do more than merely talk about much needed reforms like term limits, but will fight to make those reforms a reality.
     This is why I enthusiastically support his campaign to be our next Congressman. 
     Every now and then a good candidate steps forward for the right reasons and all too often we let him or her go because they’re not part of the party machine.  Yet another reason to consider Dean Malik for Congress.