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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

And I Still Bother Why - Bucks County Courier Times April 4, 2018

     So here’s what’s wrong right now:
     Literally everything is about politics.
     Law enforcement is about politics and not about law enforcement.
     Pennies on the dollar of health care dollars go to health care.  The rest goes to politics.
     We promote the legalization of recreational drugs (even for other than medical reasons) and then pretend to be on the tip-of-the-spear of the war on drug abuse.  Not sure what else to say about that one.
     We can’t have any discomfort in our lives so we demand drugs from our doctor.  We seek their (doctors) destruction if we don’t get them.  We blame doctors if we do.  The good news is that everyone gets a medal.
     Everyone’s looking for a drug to solve their problems rather than face them and then blame doctors, big pharma and everyone else.
     We constantly seek to suppress one behavior with a pill only to have it manifest itself with another, often worse, behavior.  The drugs that we give to kids are often like putting a Band-Aid on a gaping infected wound.
     We enable deadly drug abuse by telling the abuser that they’re sick.  Drug abusers have a battle that they’re going to have to fight on a daily basis for the rest of their lives without making excuses that just enable more abuse, crime and death.  Yes, tough love sucks for everyone.
     Bucks County officials are suing opioid manufacturers as part of their war on opioid abuse.  Need I say more?  See above if I do.
     Possibly worst of all is that we now make it more difficult for those who desperately need pain medications the most who have not and will not abuse them.
     Especially in places like Bucks County we vote for so-called Republicans who haven’t a Republican bone in their bodies.  This is turning places like Bucks County into the places where people move to Bucks County to get away from.  Not to make that all about politics, but maybe there’s a connection with this as to why places like Bucks County seem to be in the opioid abuse lead.
     Anytime there’s a tragedy involving a violent murderer everyone who didn’t do it gets blamed.
     We’re constantly creating gun-free-safe-zones which end up being magnets for violent sociopaths.  Even though NRA members aren’t violent sociopaths we blame the NRA, The Constitution (which doesn’t permit violent sociopathic behavior) and the handful of elected officials who honor their Oath of Office.
     There have always been violent sociopaths, but we’re now too politically correct to do anything about it and too broke because of the squandering of health care dollars.  See Point #1.
     We are not a culture of life.  I’m going to hold off on going into detail for now.
     We tell everyone how awesome a lifestyle of perverted sexual behavior is and then wonder what happened when our society becomes remarkably deviant and lost.  We can then pretend that we’re shocked and even hide behind our fake outrage with a “Me Too” hashtag.  We may even go all-in in the world-of-make-believe with our anti-hate lawn signs.
     We make difficult discussions taboo and then wonder why people are incapable of having rational discussions about difficult topics.
     Many religious institutions have become satellites for the DNC.
     The Republican Party has become a satellite for the DNC.
     My personal favorite is saying that we support the troops while undermining everything they stand for and believe in.  Character and integrity sound nice, but actually require character and integrity.
     Congratulations.  We’ve created our government-sponsored utopia.  The pride must be oozing from every delusional pore.