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Friday, January 19, 2018

The End of an Era - Bucks County Courier Times February 25, 2018

     Some of my fellow Conservative friends have recently been expressing their disappointment with the political leanings of the Courier Times, but people everywhere are very misinformed and not just the writers of the Courier Times.  It’s weird that news organizations seem to lead the charge, but maybe it’s more our fault than theirs.
     Everyone gets angry, builds an impenetrable wall and the political parties run amuck throwing parties for themselves that we pay for and aren’t invited to.  It’s actually all by design with some guy in a basement cubicle in Washington thinking up ways to get everyone riled up about nothing.
     Ill-informed commentary is nothing more than a call to action for those with functioning brains.  It’s nothing new and is the foundation to our 2-party system.  One side says something stupid and the other (hopefully) tries to set the record straight.
     Granted, we’re currently functioning under 1-party rule with both Republicans and Democrats trying to be Democrats.
     Wouldn’t it be an idea to return to the founding principles of integrity, character and honesty that most seek regardless of party?  What is it, then, that makes these traits seem so elusive today?  Why do the basic traits and principles of good leadership conflict with the goals of today’s politicos?
     Politics tends to cater to those who show up so the more we throw our hands up in despair (which is their goal) the worse it gets.
     The undeniable fact remains that most people tend to live their private lives on Conservative principles.  Free markets, low taxes and personal responsibility are what define us as a nation with Capitalism lifting more out of poverty than any government program could ever think of. 
     Seems like people get increasingly crazy when they rely on government for anything - government fails to deliver (because it’s not capable) and “solutions” arise that try to fix everything with what caused the problem in the first place.  This is probably the top argument in favor of a Conservative small government and the official definition of insanity.
     There’s probably just as many Conservative Democrats as there are Conservative Republicans (especially now with there being very little difference between the two parties).  It’s like you know you’re making a bad decision by voting for the Democrat vs. the perception that you’re not by voting Republican.  Another call to action, I’d say, for us Conservatives.
     Everyone screams for good leadership until they get it.  They continue to scream because they constantly believe the spoon-fed agendas of those who rely on our ignorance for their livelihoods.  Good leadership is not moderate - it actually stands for something, takes positions and gets things done.
     You can always blame apathy, but no one cares about that.  1/3 are always going to not care, but a group double that size is available for any good candidate to pursue.  We just have to do our part and not let the good candidates go which, sadly, is too often the case.
     A wild suggestion for Republicans would be to start being Republican.  Conservatives would finally have people to vote for and the Courier Times would have more stuff to write about. 
     Republicans would benefit tremendously from appreciating the true heritage of the GOP.  Taking moderate positions while abandoning their Conservative roots is why Republicans are losing membership in Bucks County and don’t even exist in Philly and Jersey.  In our defense we are surrounded and “All gardens will be invaded.”
     Sometimes I blame New Jerseyans and Philadelphians for fleeing their homelands and then voting the same way that created the mess they’re fleeing from, but it’s probably more our fault for not giving them choices consistent with what attracted them here in the first place. 
     So I’m giving saving-Republicans-from-themselves one more shot before switching to Independent where I can really not care.  There’s only so much one can do with two fake parties.  There is strength in numbers, though, so maybe we should all return to our Conservative roots and slowly drift back on course.  If not, there’s always the Libertarian Party; which is actually looking like a good liberating option and maybe the only place where one can be a Republican around here anymore.