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The only way to predict the future is to create it.

Location: Yardley, PA (Bucks County), United States

Monday, October 16, 2017

And So It Goes - Bucks County Courier Times October 19, 2017

     As predicted, the usual suspects immediately respond to a terrible tragedy by attacking those who didn’t do it.  Are they aware that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant permission to be a violent predatory killer?  The 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant anyone anything.  It merely spells out a right of all humans that is frequently denied, but puts American lawmakers on report that possibly the most important of all civil rights isn’t negotiable.
     And such is the case for the rest of The Constitution.  It defines the natural born rights of all humans on earth before those rights are taken away.  It’s a warning of the predictable results of oppressive governance.  Just look at New Jersey, for example, or Nazi Germany.
     It was tyranny itself that spawned our own Declaration of Independence from which the end of slavery, women’s voting rights and the entire Civil Rights movement were born.  Those who really wish to demonstrate against hate, injustice and division might consider planting a Declaration of Independence lawn sign in front of their residence. 
     Taking a knee is fine, but probably defines the knee takers (in this context) as those who would do the same in celebration of dictators.  Not sure of the attraction to tyranny, but maybe that’s from my very American anti-authority complex (with the predictable results to prove it).
     My theory is that most of the problems that everyone is concerned about are a direct result of forgetting who we are as Americans (or not knowing in the first place).  We even constantly attack The Constitution whose only flaw, really, is a failure to obey it.  We disrespect our symbol of freedom, run around wearing vagina hats and worship at the altar of the golden athlete.
     What, then, is the solution?  The only thing I can think of is to try to the best of our ability to resist the constant false narratives that way too many of us view everything through the distorted prism of politics.  This, I believe, is what fuels the destructive behavior of sociopaths, more than anything, tipping them into crossing the line. 
     One of the most significant historical figures of our time, though, probably said it best when Howard Sterns’ father uttered, “Don’t be stupid you moron.”  That’s probably what needs to guide our nation for now more than any other movement, protest or grievance.
      Your anti-American behavior is creating a lot of un-American results.  Who would have thought?