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The only way to predict the future is to create it.

Location: Yardley, PA (Bucks County), United States

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Final Countdown - Bucks County Courier Times June 5, 2015

     Maybe I’m alone, but I’ve really had enough of the race-baiting agenda.  The real ones to blame, though, are you since you’re the ones who are responding with glee to the promotion of ever-increasing government through strategies of division.  The cycle will end one way or another and the demise of society is probably the least preferred.
     We keep forgetting that God created all men as exact equals and are continuing to fall prey to the notion of tolerance.  The “tolerance” movement falsely implies that there’s something intolerable that needs to be tolerated.  And we stir up the inner cities as an easy way to use them as a specific voting block transgressing all the way back to slavery itself.
     Slavery is unconscionable under any circumstance, but was not an American phenomenon.  As a matter of fact America was the only nation where slaves had a life expectancy that allowed them to even develop their own culture.  Slaves of the South American and European mines, for example, didn’t last long enough to develop much of anything.  Other parts of the world were worse. 
     The very foundation of our nation is what ended slavery here.  So, if anything, we should celebrate how our very culture (defined by equality) directly led to its demise.
     But some would rather promote the slavery of government dependence because they believe that certain segments of society are incapable of survival without their superior wisdom and virtue.  There’s an entire political party guided by racism.  They are who fought to the death to maintain slavery while another party was promoting freedom for all.
     There’s a scale with personal responsibility, accountability and self-reliance on one end and government dependence on the other.  Our nation was founded on the prior and we're perilously headed towards Baltimore and Detroit with where we find ourselves on this scale a very accurate predictor of outcomes.
     Small government/big people is what made our nation great, but we have become large government/small people.  Many of the problems of our nation’s 186 urban centers seem to have something in common - government policies that repel business thereby repelling opportunity in exchange for voting blocks and campaign dollars from big-labor.
     We get shuttled into the cattle car of pre-determined “small people” thought.  Issues like abortion, gun control, global warming, stem cell research, gay marriage, etc. are all designed to herd us towards division and demise without regard for what’s really important.
     We blame our failures, in this case, on racism just as Hitler blamed the failures of socialism on the Jews.  We've replaced God with an “anything goes” culture where corruption and submission have replaced great Democratic traditions by those with a compulsive lust for power.  Corporate and union greed, organized crime and special interests are tearing down everything decent in this country for their own selfish agendas.  And we demonstrate our political cowardice by preferring the easy approval of others to honesty, character and courage.
     The job ahead is too great for mere man to address.  We need to find unity in our differences in the same manner that built our nation in the first place.  We need to get back to the common guiding principles that have always defined who we really are (as found in our churches, temples and synagogues). 
     I can only speak as a Jew and say that American synagogues have become the DNC and this must change.  Moses would not be happy.   
     A spiritual awakening acknowledging an equality of all people that recognizes the individual as the highest authority in the land is our only hope.  This is the basis of our Constitution whose only flaw is a failure to obey it. 
     Freedom of speech does not excuse those who are free from thought.  We’re better than this and must start voting out moral sloppiness replacing race-baiting racists with real men and women of character. 
     Maybe the golden calf was fun for a while, but the result is predictable as is the result from the more important values that we all share that are staring us right in the face readily available upon request.