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Monday, March 03, 2014

In Reverse - Bucks County Courier Times March 2, 2014

     I thought it may have been some sort of anomaly when a contributor to this page correlated opposition to the Unaffordable I-Don’t-Care Act as an attack on Veterans.  Maybe it was an escapee from an insane asylum or possibly even an attack from outer space.  But, alas, it happened again.
     Is it just me or does anyone else find it troubling that some throw Veterans under the bus when it suits their political agenda and then try to make a point on their backs when convenient?  Do they consider that our men and women in uniform today volunteer for a cause that they believe in and understand with crystal clear clarity and then risk (and in some cases give) their lives for something bigger than us all or do they not really care?  I’m going out on a limb to say that they really don’t care.
     I guess that politics are more important than common decency.
     Our current state of healthcare is caused by a non-market that has no customer.  The patient is not engaged in the cost.  The natural forces of a market that drive cost and quality do not exist.  The honor of our nation’s doctors and nurses is what has driven quality up to this point, but they have a lot to overcome and it’s now significantly worse.  Physicians now need entire buildings to manage the non-medical portions of healthcare so we’re, in effect, going in reverse trying to fix a problem with what caused it in the first place.
     It’s obvious to anyone with even a small degree of critical thinking ability that the modern insane asylum is today’s politics and that those who encourage it suffer from a severe disorder.  Unfortunately, there won’t be any specialists left so you’ll have to seek treatment from the politicians and lawyers who seem to know more about healthcare than do medical professionals.