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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Can Now Die - Bucks County Courier Times December 16, 2013

     I can now die knowing that I’ve finally heard everything - in the NYC Councilwoman blaming Jews for the “Knockout Game”.  Wow, and I thought that Kristallnacht was a thing of the past.  Didn’t we already go through this almost 80 years ago by being blamed for the failure of extreme Socialism?  I mean, they didn’t call themselves the National Socialist Workers Party for nothing and then we get blamed for it.  Man do I hate history; especially when it keeps repeating.
     But maybe the Councilwoman has a point.  The intense institutionalized frustration that so many have internalized that is now playing out is the direct result of decades of Democrat policies that declare war on sound business practices, integrity, decency, common sense and rational thought.  Since Jews do overwhelmingly vote Democrat then maybe the fine young men of Crown Heights, NY have a point.  Maybe, in their own way, they’re just pleading with Jews to please stop voting for Democrats.  I would go about it a different way, but I really can’t blame them.
     Through it all, though, I do wish the Councilwoman the very best.  She’ll probably win her next election with the help of the Jewish vote and all will be well.  It’s not as if they’d vote (twice) for a Democrat for President who continually throws Israel under the bus or anything.  Oh, wait a sec…  I think I’m having déjà vu from a past life.