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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anne Chapman for State Rep - Bucks County Courier Times

I’m still trying to decide if I prefer any Democrat to an unprincipled Republican, but there’s no doubt that I’m in complete disapproval of a Republican candidate or elected official pretending to be Conservative who’s quite the opposite. I’m doing a lot of research on this and will get back to you with my findings. This all reached an apex of annoyance with an email this morning from the Pennsylvania State GOP endorsing Steve Welch for the US Senate. Steve Welch is probably the single most unprincipled Republican I’ve yet encountered which is particularly disturbing since there are other Republican candidates for US Senate who are stunningly remarkable. All I could do was to unsubscribe from getting anymore Pennsylvania State GOP emails. I started driving to switch my voter registration to Independent, but figured (just in time) that I’m not going to leave the Republican Party because of the state GOP’s failures and insults. There’s nothing wrong with endorsing bad candidates (or those whose only qualification is that they’ll absolutely do as their told at all times) or in us blinding following orders; as long as it’s OK with us. But what if it isn’t OK? Then it’s up to us, the voters, to reject party politics, think for ourselves and make the best/most informed decision possible at the polls. Good candidates come and go. Some get elected and some don’t. “Yes” men and women tend to win over nice yet average candidates that step forward from time to time, but have a hard time against very principled solid citizens who enter the fray for all the right reasons. Needless to say, we’re at a major crossroads both locally and nationally and I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out. We need all the good people we can get and, fortunately, we have one in Anne Chapman who’s running for State Rep in the 31st District. I know Anne and she’s the real thing. There are those who believe in government and those who believe in you. Anne is the later, she understands the issues and will confront them head on with both an independent foundation and a devotion to her constituents. In my humble opinion, do not let this one go. Please consider voting for Anne Chapman in the Republican Primary so that we may have a choice in the General Election. Anne’s website provides a clear view into the window of her approach to governance which I find refreshing, honest and very much needed with today’s harsh challenges. Anne will focus on the real issues that matter to us all. Her Primary opponent did considerable work for Planned Parenthood and has made donations to liberal “party” Democrats like Alyson Schwartz, which has many up in arms. Let’s put politics aside for a moment and release ourselves from the labels that mean nothing. Almost all of us are “pro-life” deep down inside, but also appreciate “choice”. This is where the confusion comes in. Certainly, there are medical tragedies that some have to address (and often do so alone), but my problem with this issue is treating unborn children as medical waste. Anne will be the type of elected official who will go beyond the surface of political hysteria and knee-jerk reaction to identify the real problems confronting us. She’ll address our issues with the moral courage required to restore dignity to those most in need rather than catering to special interest groups. She will not vote for legislation with a Band-Aid approach that does little more than provide temporary relief and that often will make a problem worse. Thank you for listening. My endorsement is always to vote for the real Conservative and to reject those who say they are, but aren’t. We’ll all have a fine Democrat to choose from in the General Election, but it’s my hope that we’ll also be able to select a Republican if we so choose. Anne Chapman is an Independent Conservative Republican. You’ll have your chance to vote for a Democrat in the General Election if you like, but I do hope that you vote for the actual Republican in the Republican Primary.


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