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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why - Bucks County Courier Times February 15, 2012

The teaching profession attracts some of the finest people there are, but you’d never know it if you drove by a Neshaminy school while on strike. I had the horrible misfortune of driving by my alma mater (51 day strike senior class of ’81) of Maple Point on the last day of the most recent strike only to witness the most profound demonstration of unprofessionalism and moral sloppiness that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

But what kind of world have we created where only one teacher (out of 654 in Neshaminy) has addressed the oppression, intimidation and threats of this particular union by standing up for what’s right? The most important definition of a teacher, in my view, is that of a role model and up to 653 Neshaminy teachers have failed their students, community, themselves and the honor of their profession. Sadly, standing up for what’s right has become an anomaly in many arenas.

Kids are impressionable and respond very well to a good role model. They also respond to a bad one. Good role models generally wire a kid for independent thought, courage and achievement while bad role models promote the opposite result.

It would seem as though there’s not much one can do. Anti-social behavior is protected by state law which may take an Act of Congress to change. Our politicians unfortunately have the well-known similarities to diapers so there’s not much hope there.

I wonder how many good people became and stay teachers despite this environment vs. how many have been discouraged to enter this most noble of professions (or left) because of it.

The hope, then, would be with us. We have to lead by example and demonstrate the benefits of integrity, good values and leadership to others. Most importantly is to leave no question in a child’s mind that there’s an entire community (except for the teachers that throw them out of school) that cares a lot about them and is standing tall beside each and every kid. That there’s an amazing world of outstanding people (including every single parent who wishes nothing but the best) out there and to resist the example set by this crew masquerading as teachers.

Every child is better, deserves better and will find excellence by seeking what already exists within and we cannot allow anyone to take any of that away under any circumstances. They need to know that normal adults simply do not behave like this.

In the mean time I’m still a little freaked out by the (probably accurate) claims of vandalism and death threats to those who don’t tow the party line. Your ancestors who fled their homelands to get away from that sort of thing would be proud. So as my latest public service I’d like to make myself available to the cowards of Neshaminy who have yet to grasp basic American principles who still find it necessary to intimidate someone. Just be sure to practice falling down a lot beforehand.


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