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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2012 I Guess - Philly Burbs

I was completely fine before getting involved in politics and really regret doing so. But it’s too late and, sadly, I’ll never enjoy blissful ignorance again.
I’m not sure why people get involved. It just seems so wrought with behavior disorders. I used to think that it was defined by good leadership, but now know better. Maybe that’s why I’m so driven to encourage as limited a government as is humanly possible. Less is more; much more.
The race for the Republican Candidate for President is on and my hope is that an actual Republican emerges. I’ll have no choice but to switch to Independent if the last man standing (in the Republican Primary) isn’t a Republican and will have to leave the planet if Obama gets re-elected. 4 more years of “this one” is too much to ask.
Let’s start with Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. They both carry on like raving maniacs about global warming pandering to the perpetuation of epic fraud. No one is a better steward of the environment than a true Conservative. Trying to tie clean air and water to a human influence on temperature change is quite the stretch. Those who play this political game are likely to play others so these two are disqualified. Maybe we are that dumb, but I’m not so go to Hell. The polar bears lose if you win.
The next easy one is Ron Paul. He panders to the right with his outstanding grasp of all things Constitutional and panders to the left with his hatred of Israel, disrespect to the military and pathological disconnect from reality. I could go into greater detail, but my blood pressure’s rising so he’ll just have to go to Hell and stay there. What a punk. Seriously. Go to Hell.
Herman Cain has a lot of good ideas and I like him. He seems to care and also seems to be in it for all the right reasons. I believe that he’d dance on Obama’s head in a debate. Although he doesn’t know much about foreign policy I would bet the farm that he’d listen closely to those who do. Certainly better than the turd we have now who expresses constant contempt for all things freedom.
I like Michele Bachmann. She also seems to have her heart in the right place, but only gave half the answer when pressed on healthcare. All she did was slam Obama. The other half would have been a solution. You’re running for President. At least throw us a bone about tort-reform, choice and mandates.
Rick Perry could be our next President. There might be a few red flags like his Executive Order to all but mandate a controversial vaccine and a possible tie to campaign contributions. When pressed he said that he can’t be bought for the $5,000 he received implying that maybe he could be bought for a higher figure. He caught himself in mid-sentence, but it was too late so he just went with it. Maybe nothing, but it is tucked away back there for future reference. I like his opposition to the mental illness of global warming hysteria and the very serious response he had concerning the death penalty. Maybe his critics have never been the victim of crimes too horrific to mention or maybe they’re just idiots with no soul or conscience.
Newt Gingrich is profoundly great on every issue except fidelity to his wife while serving in Congress. Not sure if I could get past that. Maybe there’s another side of the story, but there’s a major judgment fail that was demonstrated that’s out there and isn’t going away. Of course, lacking in integrity is a good way to get some Democrat vote, but I don’t overall like the strategy. Could be our next President and I’ll support him if he secures the Nomination.
I saved the best for last. Real Conservatives like Rick Santorum are often misunderstood. We view all people as fundamentally equal and generally don’t believe in segmenting any particular group for special treatment. We’re all part of the Human Race and thereby all enjoy the same human rights. There are no human rights violations in the United States except for those manufactured for political division.
We very strongly believe in helping others, but not through government programs that only perpetuate the very problem they’re trying to solve. The lazy prefer to funnel tax dollars through inefficient government bureaucracies just to be able to say they’ve done something. Well they have and that is to enable more poverty.
And we believe that the magic of free markets (with sensible regulation that’s not founded on politics) is the best vehicle for everyone to prosper; especially the poor. There’s no down side at all.
There’s lots of time to go and I’m confident that we’ll get the Candidate that we ask for and deserve. I’d be more concerned if I were a Democrat. Why not give Hillary a shot in the Primary? After all she did literally single-handedly initiate the “universal healthcare” discussion when Bill was First Lady which resulted in billion dollar paydays for HMO executives. Now that’s power-to-the-people.
So just sit back, pay attention and enjoy the ride. Maybe some of us will eventually get to experience Free Markets for the first time. After all, that’s what got us here in the first place. Might as well go back to what works.