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Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Diamond In The Rough - Philly Burbs "Politically Correct" Blog

I was like a deer-in-the-headlights upon hearing President Obama forcefully request that Israel return their borders to the boundaries of 1967. My first thought was of those lost securing the one outpost of peace in a very hostile Middle East. It’s as if our President was purposefully expressing some sort of contempt for Prime Minister Netanyahu a week before his visit to the United States.
My second thought was that these boundaries were barely defensible in 1967. The profound demographic changes since then make them even less so now.
Shouldn’t President Obama concentrate on running our nation before telling others how to run theirs? Israel has been a Jewish land for over 4,000 years with Jerusalem arguably the world capital of human rights. Jews have embraced the notion that all people are created equal for thousands of years even when surrounded by slave owning empires. The last Jews of ancient Israel even committed suicide at the top of Masada to avoid living a life void of peace, justice and equality among all. And Jerusalem remains today a united city founded on these values where even Israeli Arabs refuse to give up their freedoms and economic privileges as citizens of Israel.
Is it possible that our President is simply pandering to the bigotry of anti-semitism in a quest for some sort of naive approval? Is he throwing Israel under the bus in an attempt to establish improved relationships with the Muslim world while ignoring the Palestinian goal of destroying Israel? Peace cannot be imposed, but must be negotiated; and not with a government backed by terror organizations.
Since its founding in 1948 all 6 Israeli Prime Ministers have called for a Palestinian State, but Palestinian leaders are simply unwilling to end the war to destroy Israel. They’d rather teach their children to hate and name town squares after suicide bombers. They are not serious about peace and will not accept a Jewish State under any circumstances.
Maybe it’s because the only free Arabs in the Middle East are those in Israel. It sets a very bad precedent for tyrannical dictators whose people desire the same rights that exist in Israel. Israel as a world leader in technology, too, doesn’t hurt the argument for peace, freedom and democracy. I don’t know; maybe it’s a good thing that we’re hated by the most vicious people on the planet. It might just be all one needs to know about us although I can’t help to wonder if radical Islam threatens Islam more than anything else.
Obviously it’s still fashionable to blame ones’ problems on the Jews in Israel and elsewhere; however, we still have a President trying to suggest boundaries that will likely have the unintended consequences of advancing something other than peace.
Personally, I’d much rather confront an honest enemy than a dishonest friend. I’m still confused over President Obama’s request, but am encouraged that seasoned leaders have presented another perspective. Scapegoats like Israel will always serve their “purpose” for governments that remain corrupt and incompetent, but it is only a democratic Israel that will protect the rights of all people (and those who cherish freedom must always guard it).
The silence can sometimes be deafening (especially among many American Jews who have a blind allegiance to Democrats), but allows the rest of us to hear “Never Again” more clearly. Through it all Israel remains a diamond-among-the-rough sparkling bright from the light of freedom.


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