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Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's Official: Integrity Counts - Bucks County Courier Times October 16, 2009

There's something familiar about the ongoing attacks on Simon Campbell, candidate for Pennsbury School Board. The most recent distortions in letters to the editor compliment the four mailings that went to Republican voters during the Primary Election showing Mr. Campbell's head on a guy with a picket sign, his head in a chess piece, an "alert" that he takes union money to support his campaign and a note on a clipboard that he'll force a strike. My only fear is that I'll one day open my mailbox to a picture of Simon's head on a rhinoceros.
Not to be nit-picky, but the anti-Simon campaign that the local Democrat glitterati implemented for the Primary resulted in a landslide victory for Mr. Campbell and his outstanding running-mate Kathleen Zawacki, a former FBI Agent and concerned parent. Lower Makefield Democrat Party bosses funneled $4,500 into a third party PAC called "Integrity Counts" to unleash their smear campaign and hide the money. In the name of common decency I insist that this money be refunded since hundreds of Democrats and Republicans joined together to make Campbell and Zawacki the top candidates, by far, in the Primary. Think of it as a merit-based pay scale.
Let's go back to a time where this all began. Simon Campbell was one of the few parents who very vocally opposed throwing 11,000 kids out of school over a $5 co-pay. A Pennsbury teacher and her spouse spread rumors that Simon was threatening teachers and their dogs. All were false, but it was heartwarming to observe Simon taking the high road to stay focused on somehow ending teacher strikes.
It's amazing how union activists criticize parents for not being involved enough and then criticize those who are involved. Sometimes I honestly think that this is all too much for me and there's a very good chance that it is.
The Bill that's circulating through Harrisburg to end teacher strikes is a win/win solution for this oppressive problem. My only criticism of Mr. Campbell is that his Bill does not go far enough. A more appropriate bill would simply end striking teachers, decertify the union and ban any striking teacher from ever setting foot in front of a student again in the state of Pennsylvania (where a thorough and efficient system of public education is a state-mandated Constitutional Right).
Mr. Campbell has not called for this because he's either far too rational or just a closet liberal. Part of the severance package would be to spend a week at work with the parents of the kids they used to teach and a one-year subscription to See, we're not all bad.
So where do we go from here? A good rule of thumb is to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. The usual suspects will be hard at work giving their best. The Integrity Counts Committee that makes a career of spreading distortions might, again, prove that integrity does count after all. Either way, it'll be a good time had.
But what I don't understand is that those who whine most about Simon Campbell are those who created him. I'm a very proud Pennsbury parent, but there are issues that need addressing. Many are certainly at the state and national level, but someone who's willing to contront a charging bull head on is welcome today at any level.
The problem that many of us should get over is the struggle between standing for principle vs. trying to get along with everyone. It's nice to get along with others, but trying to appease those who dishonor themselves and degrade their profession only enables more of the same.
We need a completely new way of doing business and everyone has to pitch in to find the solutions that will best serve kids, parents, taxpayers and teachers. It is possible if we focus on each other a little more and a little less on politics. Maybe even ignore party affiliation, make yourself some tea and vote for the best candidates. It's quite liberating.