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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who's Controlling Who - Bucks County Courier Times March 9, 2009

In response to yet another tragedy in Philadelphia, Sunday's (Feb. 22) editorial, "Sacrificial Lamb - When Will Enough Be Enough?", pleads for more gun-control. Sounds fair enough, but there's not one single gun-control law that would have prevented this repugnant crime against a brave police officer and it will continue until cowardly political "leaders" start getting real. Laws against buying firearms for others already exist as do laws against murder and all other violent crimes.
Cowards blame someone or something other than themselves for their own actions (or, in this case, inaction). There's a broken judicial system in Philadelphia run by those who put politics first. Also, there is a sea of broken families, much of which is a direct result of the failed feel-good social policies that are more designed to gain votes than to solve much of anything. But the deep underlying problem in Philadelphia is the corrupted environment that has been chasing business away for decades.
Unions were once necessary (and there still are some good ones), but many have morphed into a political machine that could care less about their workers. All they crave is political power and the corresponding public money that it generates for the handful of bosses who have created "The Machine". Thousands of businesses will not come to Philly only to be abused if they don't use specified labor. There's example after example of organizations of all sizes taking a pass on Philly.
When a town or city spends decades encouraging unions to intimidate the competition out of town the residents who remain have fewer and fewer available opportunities. Invariably, many turn to crime. Many, too, look to government for solutions to their problems and we all know how that pans out.
More gun-control to address the crisis in Philly will, at best, continue to ignore reality. At worst, it will make the black-market more profitable thereby putting even more illegal guns into the hands of criminals who will be further emboldened to ignore the law while the rest of us become increasingly defenseless.
Law-abiding citizens tend to remain so even after they're armed. Punishing them for the behavior of criminals makes no one safer. Of course, firearm ownership itself is a threat to the liberal illusion of utopia, but maybe it's time to start putting fact and logic first unless we have, as some say, become a nation of cowards. We certainly do elect them to public office.