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Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Many Chairs. So Little Time. - Bucks County Courier Times December 5, 2008

Hopefully the most recent Presidential election demonstrated, once and for all, that Republicans cannot win by behaving like Democrats. Every pandering session by John McCain lost votes. The mere mention of global climate change cost a million votes with every utterance. If it wasn't for our Congressional candidate I probably wouldn't have voted at all.
Democrats generally seek solutions through government while Republicans do so with personal responsibility, accountability and self reliance. The two-party system encourages productive debate which is why it works. Sadly, though, our entire government has been hijacked by very selfish and well organized special interest groups resulting in a one-party system. If we keep this up long enough the whole nation will become New Jersey. My hope is that 2008 signaled the last time that Election Day resembles a Democrat primary.
I'd like to do something about it, but I have this persistent urge to throw chairs at public meetings. I recently attended a gathering to hear about the Bill floating around Harrisburg to ban teacher strikes. It bans strikes and creates a timeline of public contract resolution (currently closed) for those who can't figure it out for themselves. The public is the ultimate checks & balances since most of us are reasonable and it is, after all, our money.
There was a small contingent of union devotees and political hacks at this particular meeting hell-bent on putting politics before our children. What was really creepy was that they put their politics before even their own children. They began freaking everyone out by criticizing the good parents who are trying to encourage this Bill through Harrisburg.
During the Pennsbury strike the unionites criticized many parents for not being involved. Now they criticize the most caring and dedicated parents I've ever seen. I wish they'd make up their minds. It was as if they were justifying future strikes. Maybe next time they'll criticize single moms who work 2 full-time jobs to pay union benefits they can't afford for themselves. That'd be a good time to bring up the $600,000+ of our tax dollars that goes right to union coffers that I'd rather see used to pay for full-day kindergarten, for example.
While we're on the topic of unions... How 'bout them American car manufacturers? What the union has done for them brings much goodwill and holiday cheer. It's not easy to make good cars while burdened with almost $2,000 per car of union oppression. The only solution is bankruptcy followed by a lean, high-performance reorganization.
The wild bailouts of today just enable more anti-reality behavior while ignoring the problem. The entitlement, I'm-the-center-of-the-universe, you-don't-matter mentality extends way beyond the auto industry and creates an infernal path of inefficiency, underperformance and enormous waste wherever it advances.
Another example is the crime in Philadelphia. The primary goal of labor unions is to eliminate competition. Decades of chasing away businesses has greatly reduced opportunities. Thousands of highly respected businesses will not come to Philadelphia only to be abused and intimidated. Fewer opportunities = more crime.
The really sad thing is that our own supervisors in Lower Makefield Township have implemented the same sort of Philly/New Jersey pay-to-play ordinance that almost automatically hands public contracts to those who manipulate politics at our expense. Having overly ambitious corruption-friendly officials in Bucks County (who don't understand that many have left New Jersey and Philly to get away from this sort of thing) has rolled out the red carpet to common thugs.
Maybe everything goes in cycles. Maybe many of us are now cured of our keeping-up-with-the-Jones' complexes. Maybe next time we vote we'll recognize that freedom of speech does not excuse us from freedom of thought. Maybe I'm just naive to think that we're the largest and most powerful special interest. Free markets, limited government, low taxes and individual liberty are out there somewhere, but it's going to take more than one person sitting in his basement late at night in his underwear writing Letters to the Editor to find them. Maybe one day we'll have actual Republicans running for office. Think of the possibilities.


Blogger Jonathan Smith said...

Maybe the majority are remembering that classic Revolutionary war slogan "Join or Die"? We have big problems that require cooperative solutions. W's go it alone approach hasn't worked. Maybe team work will?

Happy Turkey Day!

12:42 PM  

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