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Monday, September 29, 2008

Confused Yet? - The Bulletin October 2, 2008

I've learned through several years of close political study that anyone who's not confused has no idea what's going on. Leadership means putting the needs of your people before your own. Politics today means putting the goals of special interests, who contribute massive dollars to campaigns, before the needs of your people. There once was a time when politics was synonymous with leadership. Those days are gone, but not forgotten and I do believe that they will return.
The current financial crisis supports my theories. There's a lobby group for every move that an elected official might make. We're in this mess because of politicians who were bought and sold by those who benefited from the raping and pillaging of our nation.
The foundation of this mess is the policies that made loans to those who couldn't afford them. Increased demand (for homes) drove up prices while supply tried to catch up. For many reasons lots of people couldn't honor their commitments and all hell broke loose in this "artificial market". There are those who meant well and those who manipulated politics for personal gain. And we're the ones caught in the middle enjoying the unintended consequences of good intentions.
We've become a nation that not only allows corruption, but who also encourages and even admires it. It's as if we select leaders who lack integrity for the sole purpose of justifying our own lack of integrity. We even have local officials (in Lower Makefield Township) who have recently implemented an ordinance that requires union labor for public projects over $20,000 (Ordinance 369). Talk about manipulating politics for a few dollars of campaign funding. Certainly did wonders for the American auto industry. Multiply this deception across every elected official who's unfit for public service and you have inefficiency the likes of which the human mind cannot comprehend. In all fairness, though, it's really energized the giant inflatable rat industry.
The solution is us. Stop it with the political fetishes of global warming, stem cell research, abortion, gay marriage, smoking bans and whatever's next that insults our intelligence and has nothing to do with the intent of politics. It's not only irrelevant to anything and everything even remotely meaningful, but it's just plain obnoxious. Stop it with attacking those with character because it conflicts with your little agendas. Eventually, if left unchecked, your agendas will destroy our nation. And stop it with ignoring the harsh realities of those who wish to hack our heads off with a dull blade because you believe that you're taking the moral high-ground by tolerating the intolerant. Your kids will not only thank you later, but will also thank the kids that are fighting this war right now so that yours won't have to.
Obviously I'm very confused. My name is Cory and I approve of this message.