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Friday, July 04, 2008

Trying to Find the Words - Phila. Inquirer July 9, 2008

I read Chris Satullo's "A not-so-glorious Fourth" anti-America hysteria with great sadness. Mr. Satullo and his followers define America by the radical left-wing political opportunism that seeks the easy approval of the brainwashed liberal masses who don't understand the chilling changes taking place in today's world. I was so alarmed by this editorial that I immediately canceled my Inquirer subscription, but then realized that to do so would be somewhat hypocritical.
The freedom that we all cherish is a very real threat to dictators whose intense corruption is fed by the oppression of their own people who live below poverty under savage tyranny. They use their own brainwashed masses to fight the wars that protect their selfish opulence. Makes one wonder how the brainwashed masses of our enemies are similar to our own brainwashed masses who view everything through the distorted prism of self-serving politics.
A critical concern is that our brave men and women in uniform, who are regularly performing stunning miracles, will read Mr. Satullo's piece (and others like it) and think that this is our standard of thought. It is not. Americans have always been on the front lines of justice, equality and civil rights and always will be. It is my great hope that we will proceed with the compassion, understanding and unity required to preserve what we all value and share, provide today's defenders with every shred of support that they need and, most importantly, live the unrealized dreams of those lost in war under the guidance of their example.

(The printed version was the last paragraph only)


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