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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Legislators Are Supposed To Defend The Constitution - Bucks County Courier Times May 11, 2008

As expected, politicians and candidates are responding to violent crime by being tough on those who obey the law. The gun control debate will never end, but I wonder what would happen if elected officials actually focused on fighting crime in a meaningful way rather than blaming and punishing law-abiding citizens for the behavior of criminals.
One possibility is to support improvements to the justice system while leaving law-abiding citizens alone to exercise all of their natural born rights as protected by The (US and PA) Constitution. Some of our state legislators admit that they've never read the PA State Constitution so it's no wonder that they don't know that some of their ideas are unconstitutional. They also don't seem to know that the 2nd Amendment does not permit anyone to misuse firearms or to hurt others.
Another idea is to restore free markets to high-crime cities where the few prosper from pay-to-play politics at the expense of the many. The primary goal of some labor organizations is to eliminate competition with political manipulation and intimidation. Decades of driving out opportunity may very well be the root core of a lot of crime. Being friendly to business is the answer, but I guess some prefer union pandering to prosperity and public safety.
Anti-gun activists simply view themselves as special people who somehow know what's best for the rest of us. They love controlling others and it rarely stops at Constitutional Rights. Why don't they just hang a "Gun Free Zone" sign on their front door and leave us alone? Maybe it's because they know that career violent criminals ignore gun control laws in the same manner that they ignore all others.
I do have a recommendation for politicians who think that crime can be reigned in by imposing more restrictions on the law-abiding. Spend more time on property tax, education and health care and a bit less on bureaucracy that'll squander tax dollars and force police to waste sime on paperwork instead of patrolling the streets.
Honoring their Oath of Office calls for defending The Constitution of the United States of America - and that includes the 2nd Amendment. Then again, there's always the argument that, when attacked, victims should calmly dial 9-1-1 and someone with a gun will arrive and save them.


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