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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can We Talk - Phila. Daily News March 22, 2008

Some of our first modern gun-control laws were designed, specifically, to prevent newly freed slaves from owning firearms. Being one who believes that those who rely on government are not free it's no surprise that Philly Democrats are perpetuating the same sort of environment that they did 140 years ago. And to think that places like New Jersey are apologizing for slavery when they still embrace it with the same vim and vigor as days past.
If one truly wishes to address the crime that's riddled places like Philadelphia look no further than the decades of abuse by the labor organizations who make widespread use of intimidation to drive out the competition. This, consequentially, drives out opportunies. The most productive way to address crime in Philly is to open the floodgates of opportunity that have been locked shut. The blood of many of those murdered every year in this city and others is on the hands of corrupt "leaders" and has nothing to do with guns.


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