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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The al-Qaida of Academia - Bucks County Courier Times April 1, 2008

I was fascinated that the president of the Pennsylvania teachers' union submitted a Guest Opinion in our very own Bucks County Courier Times. He must be concerned that we're starting to get it. I wonder if he regrets using the Pennsbury School District as a test-model for throwing tantrums over contributing to health care costs.
Mr. James Testerman says he's proud of the work they do for the children and communities he serves. I guess that includes holding children hostage by throwing them out of school to blackmail taxpayers. Once the strike was over, war was literally declared on us. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, but I'm OK with war. Sometimes it's necessary to stand up to bullies. That's what good people do.
Mr. Testerman brags about being our little league coaches, Sunday school teachers, choir directors, Scout leaders, Lions and Rotary members and other volunteers. How heartwarming. I think I need a tissue.
The overly fabulous Mr. Testerman complains to us little taxpayers that it's low state funding and not high teacher pay that's driving local taxes. He accidentally left out the benefits we pay for that many of us can't afford for ourselves. There's more than enough money to do whatever we wish, but the overwhelming inefficiency and underperformance, as perpetuated by his organization is, well, overwhelming. 80% of our property taxes goes to salary and benefits in case anyone didn't know. So much for pencils.
I learned a lot about the teachers' union from our strike 2 years ago and it's an underlying force that adds a remarkably unwholesome element to our educational system. This intoxicating power has gotten completely out of hand and there must be no mercy shown to union bosses trying to undermine everything that's decent. Maybe I'm too idealistic, but I strongly believe that the largest and most powerful special interest group is us. We just need to start acting like it.


Anonymous gunner marx said...

After reading Newt Gingrich's new book, Real's refreshing to see a good American such as Cory doing his part to make a "real difference". Our children are the future and I fear that our children and America are being short changed by school districts resistant to change. These people fear only for themselves and fail to institute policy that makes sense for a stronger education system that...oh by the way, could be achieved by spending less tax payer dollars.

3:12 PM  

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