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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Profound and Distinct Connection - Bucks County Courier Times January 15, 2008

It's encouraging that some of our elected officials have proceeded with common sense and honesty on the recently proposed gun-control bills. Many of us associate Philadelphia with a culture of guns. Philly suffers from a culture of crime. A gun-culture is where gun owners are disciplined, responsible and courteous.
No gun-control laws exist that will prevent criminals from using a gun to commit a crime. Violent criminals are simply not deterred by gun regulations. Every new restriction not only creates more bureaucracy that takes time and resources away from patrolling the streets, but also makes the black market more profitable. Taking firearms away from those who didn't do it is not a solution.
The most important measure would be to bring opportunities to the city that are more attractive than a life of predatory desperation. Philadelphia has experienced decades of abuse by organizations that go to great lengths to eliminate competition. As a result, businesses will not consider coming to Philadelphia. Thousands of opportunities are forever lost.
This same exact environment is desperately trying to work its way into Bucks County. Ordinance 369 was recently passed in Lower Makefield Township, for example, that excludes many highly qualified organizations from seeking public contracts. A simple money trail reveals that this type of ordinance favors organizations that have contributed to a certain county political party. Actions like Ordinance 369 are intricately prepared to minimize competition with those who contribute to political campaigns and now, coincidentally, we have (for the first time) giant inflatable rats protesting free market labor at local construction sites.
Reducing competition in this manner is what has destroyed Philadelphia and is the underlying force that has made places like New Jersey unlivable for many. Corruption, pay-to-play politics and obscene abuses of power are the result. And now these forces of evil are right here in Bucks County. It's extremely important for all citizens to pay close attention to what's going on and make the necessary changes on Election Day. The alternative to due diligence at the polls is a terminal disease that gun-control will not cure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A gavel in the hands of one who would purposely adjudicate erroneously is far worse than an automatic rifle in the hands of a deranged criminal.

10:50 AM  

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