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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ever Had a Pissed Off Marine On Your Tail? - The Evening Bulletin April 13, 2007

While observing the recent behavior of Congress I couldn't help but think of the scene from "The Ten Commandments" where everyone (except for a few who get it) was worshipping the golden calf. Today is very similar where many of us ignore reality while taking our tremendous lifestyles for granted.
Political corruption runs so deep that many of our elected officials don't even know they're corrupt. I must have been brainwashed as a Marine Corps Officer to believe that leadership meant taking care of your people. Today, even my own oasis of Lower Makefield Township uses tax dollars to pay off political contributors. This is the standard all the way up and down the chain of command where the important work is put aside.
We face a threat today equal to or greater than that of World War II and the same people who undermine our President during time of war to gain political advantage are the same exact ones who brought us the Holocaust itself. There's absolutely no difference whatsoever and those who ignore reality are the willing accomplices who make this dishonor possible.
The war in Iraq is the right war at the right time in the right place and you're frightening if you don't understand this extremely basic condition by now. President Bush is operating almost alone as the opposition from within adds immeasurably to what we face. The only solution is to replace our "leaders" with those who can put politics aside when it counts most and lead with integrity, courage and purpose. This was the original intent of public service and we're lost until that vision is restored by us.