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Sunday, February 25, 2007

So Many Punks, So Little Time - Courier Times March 7, 2007

After years of exhaustive political study I've concluded, without question, that today's Democrat officials stand for nothing and their Republican counterparts do nothing. Furthermore, Democrats today are very whiney and arrogant and Republicans wear bad pants.
I think that all we want, regardless of party affiliation, is unyielding honesty. But, the answer lies within us for it's us who encourages or discourages intelligent and honorable political candidates. Lately, though, we're not doing too well.
What we fail to realize is that we're all involved in the political process. We all adjust our economic behavior based, in part, on the success or failure of public policy. It determines how we consume, invest and even where we live.
Of course, the pressing issue of the day is the war. The only certainty is that wildly corrupt leaders of some Middle Eastern nations use fanatics (under the false banner of Islam) to guard their dictatorships from free-thinkers. Hence, we're enemy number one.
It's no accident that we never see these "leaders" strap on a bomb themselves. It also makes sense how some people escape these nations and become among our finest scientists and doctors. It's the same dynamic that had our ancestors flee their home nations, arrive with their anti-authority complexes and create the greatest country the world has ever seen where each one of us can navigate our own course through life.
Unfortunately, many continue to put politics first in the same manner that got us all into this mess in the first place. Many, especially in the intelligence community, have gone to great lengths to undermine our President during time of war just to hide their incompetence and cowardice. I agree that we probably should have attacked New Jersey before Iraq, but hindsight is oftentimes 20/20.
I'm afraid, though, that we're becoming what our predecessors escaped. Lawyers, for example, influence politicians who create policies that allow them to ravage billions from healthcare. The teachers' union (another fine example) also influences politicians to enable their agendas. Over $500,000 a year (that began life as tax dollars) goes directly to the union in Pennsbury alone of all manner of political activism. That's 1 out of 501 school districts just in PA. I think we should change "do it for the children" to "do it to the children".
And no discussion on current events would be complete without mentioning stem cell research and global warming. The dishonesty demonstrated here is beyond comprehension. The depth of penetration of these mistruths leads me to believe that we've become a nation of misled morons.
It would seem to me, then, that our only hope for addressing some extreme issues before imploding is to educate ourselves and make the necessary changes on Election Day. Our single most important task is to read an occassional book on economics, history and/or politics. There's an empowerment that builds inside as one develops a real grasp of the issues independent of goose-stepping with a political party and cerainly more so than withdrawing from the process.
Plato said that "One of the greatest penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." My main fear isn't that our elected officials are ineffective and weak, but rather that they're representing us perfectly.