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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Settling Dust - The Evening Bulletin November 17, 2006

With a 40% turnout in the recent elections both Democrats and Republicans got soundly defeated by the "I Could Care Less" Party. Personally, I take this as a mandate for limited government. With Democrats pandering to the poor and Republicans pandering to the rich it's about time that someone start pandering to me. With huge growth of government under Republican control we must take extreme care to not allow compassionate-conservative to become a euphemism for free-spending-liberal-weasel.
I got a kick out of everyone distancing themselves from President Bush as if he's a dictator who's gotten it all wrong. He might, in fact, be one of the few who gets it. Our enemy, for example, wants us all dead not because of what we've done wrong, but because of what we do right. Our way of life exposes oppression and how it hides massive corruption under the guise of religious fanatacism. Corruption of this magnitude cannot function with people running around thinking for themselves so we're a big problem as the world becomes increasingly global.
Think what you wish about Iraq being a focal point to the necessary change that most Middle Easterners crave, but I'm sticking with the Joint Chiefs of Staff on this one and not the endless stream of those who put their political ambitions above all else (to include the criminally treasonous media). Make no mistake about it - the enemy is here and they're ready.
Another revealing discussion is the change in suburban demographics from Republican to Democrat. Democrat failures (elitist social welfare programs and very hostile union environments) in places like Philly, New Jersey and New York encourage people to leave seeking less government and more economic freedom. The associated personal responsibility, accountability and self-reliance is what has defined the Pennsylvania suburbs and Republicans better start reinventing themselves starting yesterday or risk losing what made us an attractive destination in the first place.
There's some encouraging news from recent elections. Even though many of my choices lost it's clear that it's us who ultimately decides what happens. The original intent was for our government to constantly turn over to represent the evolving wishes of the people.
After all, it's us who are responsible for the character of our government. If we're indifferent and ignorant then so is our government. Or we can choose to be intelligent and courageous with the corresponding governance. Disappointed Republicans and a right-shifting Democrat base leaves us with only one thing to do - hug a Democrat and welcome them to conservatism. Finally, the 60% who didn't vote might have something to get excited about.