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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shallow Candidates - Phila. Inquirer November 5, 2004

Now that the dust will soon settle from the most recent political campaign season, maybe a handful of elected officials can actually lead - better yet, lead by example. I watched several debates and was stunned by the number of candidates who were simply unwilling to give a straight answer to any question. It's no wonder that most eligible voters display a lack of interest in politics.
The original concept was for candidates to run for political office in order to serve their communities for a specific period of time and then return to their "civilian" careers. It didn't matter if these "regular" people were liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. They all brought good ideas to the table. Our differences spark the healthy debate that keeps us all honest.
Maybe by the next election a few independent thinkers will step forward to replace the talkinig heads who are programmed by the party bosses. This is the only way that our political system will be restored to its original intent.
Real leaders identify those values shared by most and create an environment where our differences compliment one another. This is what has made us a great nation and is the most important challenge of our day. Political agendas, hidden or otherwise, are getting very boring and need to go away. Today's politicians must have the moral courage to think past instant gratification to the welfare of future generations.
Divided we fall.


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