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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Self Defense - Courier Post December 11, 2002

The leadership of New Jersey has pulled the wool over our eyes. The recent Smart Gun Bill is anything but smart, as it applies to the nonexistent technology of an inherently flawed concept. After all, who can argue with "do it for the children"? Child-proofing a firearm is void of even a remote connection to reality and is an insult.
Gun control is a galvanizing issue. The politicians appear to be the knights in shining armor while rabid gun controlers focus on the wrong target (the law-abiding gun owner) as an outlet for their personal agendas. Laws that specifically target law-abiding gun owners blame and punish the wrong people.
Gun control seems noble on the surface, but it really does not work. States and cities that institute strong gun control laws not only see no decrease in crime, but actually see crime increase. Contrast this with states that have concealed carry laws, where they experience significantly lower crime rates.
Restoring our right to self defense may not only reduce crime, but may also be a step toward acknowledging real causes and possible remedies. Is a raped and strangled woman really morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun in her hand and a dead rapist at her feet?
If for no other reason: Do it for the children.


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