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Monday, July 24, 2006

Gun Laws Excessive - Phila. Inquirer February 24, 2003

As was the case over 200 years ago, the 2nd Amendment IS homeland security. The armed, law-abiding citizen is our first line of defense. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is as important today as it was then, if not more so, but talking facts to gun control zealots is only likely to make them angry. Much of what they claim simply will not stand up under scrutiny. Currently, New Jersey is one of the few states where it's virtually impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit.
The 2nd Amendment isn't really about guns - it's about our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many who don't even own a gun understand this and completely support the Constitution of the United States of America.
America was founded on the principles of individual rights, personal responsibility, accountability and self reliance. Many of us, though, look to government for solutions to our problems. Fortunately, we have the greatest system of government that I know of, but we've gotten a bit off track. We can only enjoy true freedom by accepting reponsibility for our own safety, education, food, shelter, health care, retirement, etc.
Gun control is nothing more than a massive propoganda machine devised to gain votes, power and corruption. Clear evidence and common sense show that areas allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons experience a decreasing crime rate while tightened gun laws have a direct effect on a rise in violent crime.
Most of us in New Jersey just don't know the facts and are conditioned to believe that our politicians are actually solving the crime and violence problem when the reverse is true. Ask anyone in England today about their total gun ban and they'll speak of violent crime that has gone unimaginably out of control.
The uninformed don't take the time to understand that a person with a clean record, FBI backgroun check and a legally obtained permit is highly unlikely to commit a crime. The "civilized" elite who run our state know what's best for us and believe that we cannot be trusted to behave responsibly. A state that deprives its law-abiding citizens the means to defend themselves is itself a barbaric accomplice to violent crime.
It's almost as if the people of New Jersey have an obligation to be raped and murdered for the good of society. Our leaders will sacrifice the innocent and impose their superior wisdom and virtue on others to further their own selfish agenda. Part of that agenda includes creating an environment of dependency that swings the door wide open for all manner of abusive and self serving spending.
Handgun ownership doubled in the late 20th Century while the murder rate went down. Guns are inanimate tools. They contain no independent power to cause results apart from our decisions, character and purpose. Certainly, certain measures such as thorough background checks are welcomed by all and New Jersey leads the nation. But excessive restrictions and irrational gun phobia transcend gun control into a larger area of concern.


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