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Monday, June 19, 2017

Step It Up - Bucks County Courier Times June 19, 2017

     Yet another Memorial Day has come and gone with each annual remembrance seemingly more meaningful than the past.  Not sure why that is.  Maybe it’s because we’re in the midst of the next “The Greatest Generation” and more and more simply understand what’s at stake and have an intense reverence of today’s men and women in uniform who are in harm’s way as we speak.  And, certainly, Bucks County has no shortage of young heroes stepping up for this critical role.
     It was impossible to miss the banners of our recent Fallen at the County Courthouse.  It was their special memorial so appropriate and so tragic.  We honor the same from past wars, but this tribute was theirs.  A special and reliable place for others to extract strength and meaning from that has now been removed.
     I can’t even imagine the character of those stepping up to today’s challenges.  Today’s recruits and candidates selflessly step forward with a clear understanding of leadership even prior to initial training.
     So the question begs to answer in that we say that we honor and support The Troops, but do we really?  Do we just thank a Vet here and there and call it a day or do we really honor them? 
     We can start by understanding their mission - a pursuit that we’ve failed so miserably that I’m not even going to explain.  A good rule of thumb is to listen to those who have been there and not those working on their next campaigns on the backs of those drenched in blood, sweat and tears.
     And we can continue by following the example of those with character so profound that a new word probably has to be invented.  They have been called to serve and do so with the ultimate calling of leadership - putting the needs of others before their own.  They set the example for the rest of us to follow.  They stand up for what’s right even when we stop supporting what they do because some politician told us so.  They’re friendly, respectful and enthusiastic.  They weigh the facts and they help those who are in trouble.  In short - they represent everything that defines our great nation; even though we’re often told otherwise. 
     Speaking of character and integrity, The Travis Manion Foundation has offered to assume financial responsibility for the memorial banners that were recently removed from the County Courthouse yard.  So far there’s no resolution.  That might be from leadership taking a back seat to politics, but what else is new.  I would have expected much better from Bucks County, but maybe I expect too much. 
     Many of you won’t get it and don’t care.  You view everything through the distorted prism of politics because you’re incapable of independent thought, are convinced that the world revolves around you and really don’t matter.  For the rest of us there are a few things to consider if you’re so inclined.
     Firstly, all three County Commissioners need to be replaced during their next election cycle.  Regardless of party affiliation you must vote for the incumbents’ opponent.  There’s no alternative and this is absolutely essential for many reasons.
     Secondly, if you’re one who thanks Vets for their service you should mean it and conduct yourself accordingly; especially when no one’s watching.  If you’re unable to do that then don’t insult them and maybe consider keeping your mouth shut in the first place.
     Lastly, it is you who are on the front lines of this war on terror.  You either support our men and women in uniform with your voting behavior or you undermine them (and everyone else, for that matter, including yourself).  You really need to step it up, educate yourself to today’s harsh realities and not continue to seek fraternity in weakness.  The chronic false narratives that do not accurately represent who we are as a nation are getting fantastically old.

     And for those who are still reading, thank you for your past, present and continued service whether you wore a uniform or not.  You’re needed now more than ever.  Thank you for stepping up when called upon and for being someone who can be counted on when needed.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Repeal Replace - Bucks County Courier Times January 17, 2017

     Everyone’s talking about repealing and replacing the ultra-failure known as Obamacare, but not one person says a thing about what to replace it with.  It’s as if those criticizing it are as bad as those who support it.  Well maybe not as bad, but still not good.  Nonetheless, you simply cannot fix a problem with what caused it in the first place.
     The solution is nothing new and has been spelled out with precision by Harvard professor Regina Herzlinger in both of her books, “Market Driven Health Care” and “Who Killed Health Care”.  The author explains what went wrong and how to fix it.
     The beginning of the end was in the late 1930’s when health care started to become attached to employment.  Seemed like a good idea even though salaries were reduced by the cost of coverage, but then someone in Congress got the bright idea to give corporations a tax break for the benefits they provide.
     This naturally led to someone in a basement cubicle selecting health care plans and has morphed into every special interest and their brother getting a mandate for something or other.  These people selecting your plans for you are often pretty smart, but not necessarily smart enough to know what you want or need.
     Many speak of tort-reform, erasing state lines and different types of plans, but there’s a larger factor that drives insanity.  That would be the current mechanism where payments go directly from the payor to the provider completely bypassing the patient.  The patient often doesn’t know or care what anything costs.
     Fortunately, some of the greatest minds on earth go into medicine and do a phenomenal job regardless, but you know that there’s a big problem when a practice has a 5-story building just to manage the bureaucracy.  And nothing’s changing until the patient is in charge of their own health care.  As far as I know there’s no known case of a severely injured person screaming for a politician or a lawyer.  Sometimes lawyers scream for patients, but that’s another thing.
     The Free Market really hasn’t existed in medicine for most of our lifetimes, but that’s where the answer lay.  When pennies on the dollar of a $2 trillion annual health care expenditure actually goes to health care one can’t help but to conclude that the first step is to forbid your children from going to law school. 
     Aside from that, the real first step would be to create a mechanism where the patient shops for their own health care with money from insurance.  They would have incentive to find the best value in quality and cost in an environment that would be seamless to do so. 
     It wouldn’t be much different from buying a car where most consumers don’t know much about cars, but those who do would provide all of the necessary information to make great decisions.  Providers would compete for your health care dollars and there’d even be competition for pre-existing conditions.
     Then, with all of this money being spent a lot more wisely there’d be plenty available to truly help the poor. 
     The positive ripple effects of a Free Market are endless and far too complex to create any other way.  The current system of government setting prices would be an example of a market that’s not free.  It’s rather oppressive and is what creates the $60 aspirin. 
     I could go on, but it just occurred to me that I’m writing this for free when elected officials making 6-figures should be doing this.  So I shall hand off the baton for them to start doing something meaningful for the first time.  I used to think that elected officials were synonymous with leadership, but now know better.
     In the meantime try to avoid getting sick or injured, but if you must chances are good that a doctor or nurse will be at hand that has a greater sense of duty than those we periodically vote for.  We’d like to vote for the best person, but they rarely run (since they’re too busy doing the real work).  Maybe if we banned politicians from running for public office…

Friday, July 15, 2016

Our Sworn Duty - Bucks County Courier Times July 13, 2016

     I continue to be chronically fascinated with those who think it’s a good idea to respond to terror attacks by disarming law-abiding citizens.  The nagging question, however, rages on.  If we’re so worried about terrorists buying weapons in American gun shops then how did it become possible for terrorists to even be here?
     With the FBI declaring terrorist activity in all 50 states wouldn’t it be better to honor the 2nd Amendment in its entirety?  Even Admiral Yamamoto acknowledged in 1941 that “You cannot invade the mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
     It’s weird how the so-called civilized “elite” distrust citizens more than they fear rapists and murderers.  Maybe firearm ownership is just a threat to their utopian illusion; that doesn’t even exist.  We all know that they’re more concerned with politics than fact and logic, but also that violent criminals aren’t deterred by gun regulations.  We also know that a well-armed public is vital to the security of us all. 
     If I’m wrong then I shall have no choice but to nominate the entirety of the Courier Times anti-gun readership to collect all weapons from the tens of millions of law-abiding citizens and then, once completed,  are commanded to move on to violent predatory murderers and rapists.
     World peace will be at hand and the terrorists have lost.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

We Might Actually Be That Stupid - Bucks County Courier Times December 14, 2015

     If you’re paying attention and have a functioning human brain then it should be painfully clear that those who voted for Obama the first time owe us all an apology.  The parents of those who voted for him twice owe the world an apology and a word or phrase will have to be invented for those still in support.
     Let’s go back to a special time and place of the Iraq strategy.  Freedom is not only the natural human condition, but is also the enemy of oppression.  An added bonus of a free people is that they’re less attracted to and tolerant of terrorism so, naturally, freeing a population from a tyrant would be a phenomenal starting point. 
     And, as luck would have it, Iraq became free of tyranny and moving in the right direction with the essential strategy in place until our inability to look past the next episode of the Kardashians took root.
     The above can be difficult to grasp, but I’m going to encourage some to think for the first time in their adult lives.  If that’s not an option then I’m going to demand a return of their Ivy League degrees for a full refund.
     President Bush, however, failed to explain the strategy and instead used the excuse of weapons of mass destruction.  Although a very real threat to humanity it wasn’t the strategy.  His advisors probably suggested that we’re too stupid to understand the intricacies of what’s going on and they may have had a point.
     The nation very much came together following 9/11.  Rather than promote unity Senators Kerry, Durbin and Congressman Murtha (and others like them) used our collective ignorance to undermine national security (by constantly putting the distortion of politics above all else) for their own personal gain.
     My favorite thing is when their followers run around saying that they support the troops, but then constantly undermine the mission that our nation’s heroes believe in and understand with perfect clarity.  Many even ran around for a week or so supporting France like a stuck pig while having repeatedly voted for the “leadership” that created the current environment of death and destruction.
     The list of leadership and integrity violations (that are enthusiastically supported) are far too numerous to mention so I won’t bore myself with the details.  We are now, as a direct result of disastrous and long-term voting behaviors, in a very serious predicament that only we can get ourselves out of. 
     We have to start thinking like the Americans who made this nation what it is and stop seeking the easy approval of those who find fraternity in weakness.  Stop looking at literally everything through the distorted prism of politics and, instead, view through that elusive window of reality.
     Someone said in politics to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.  It’s time to restore the anti-authority complex that is the foundation of the self-reliance, personal responsibility and accountability of who we were. 
     We need to put tolerance aside since the very notion implies that there’s something inferior that needs to be tolerated.  The delusional who feel superior to others are the ones who are inferior and should definitely not be tolerated.
     We’ll remain in trouble until we recognize the root cause as a very ambitious global militant political movement masquerading as a religion that’s been actively attacking our values since the failures of President Carter (and every President since).
     Now might be an awesome time to start thinking of all of humanity and not just ourselves.  Our freedom, diversity, equality, common decency and sense of justice remain in spite of our own 3rd world “leadership” strategies designed to have us fight one another, but it’s getting way too real out there to not reassess where we’re headed.

     Above all else we need to start embracing those values that unite us and stop falling prey to the irrelevant issues specifically designed to divide.  Some think that we really actually might be that stupid.  Current behavior would support that position, but I’m still hanging on that we’re much better than this.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Constantly Blaming Others - Bucks County Courier Times October 17, 2015

     Most violent predatory killers aren’t mentally ill and the vast majority of those with mental illness aren’t dangerous.  We have a profound value-of-life and a severe chronic national character problem and not one of gun ownership.  But if we must blame mental illness then those afflicted are easily identified.  They’re the ones constantly attacking the law-abiding gun owner for the behavior of criminals and relentlessly blaming the NRA for protecting the most fundamental rights of all Americans.
     Way too many feel the need to shift the responsibility of the failures of an individual to an inanimate object incapable of independent thought or legislated policy rather than to hold them accountable for their actions.  The first step to solving this problem, then, would be to determine which of our own behaviors are creating the environment that we’re all concerned about and stop seeking a nation of even more helpless victims that’s becoming increasingly more dangerous.

Our Extraordinary Failure - Bucks County Courier Times August 25, 2015

     Where we are today on the most fundamental premise of common decency should remove any gray area of why our nation is in such a shambles.  Even our own elected officials are writing opinion pieces in support of an organization that would make even Mengele blush.
     At the very core of our being is the value that we place on life.  The recent expose of Planned Parenthood placing a scissors into the chin of a fully gestated baby and cutting through his or her face to remove the brain for resale makes every one of us no better than those of Nazi Germany.
     While you carry on with your “golden calf” worship you can be assured that nothing in your empty lives will change until you stand in awe of life in its most basic form as the foundation from which everything else originates.  The extraordinary failure is ours with predictable results that speak for themselves.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Final Countdown - Bucks County Courier Times June 5, 2015

     Maybe I’m alone, but I’ve really had enough of the race-baiting agenda.  The real ones to blame, though, are you since you’re the ones who are responding with glee to the promotion of ever-increasing government through strategies of division.  The cycle will end one way or another and the demise of society is probably the least preferred.
     We keep forgetting that God created all men as exact equals and are continuing to fall prey to the notion of tolerance.  The “tolerance” movement falsely implies that there’s something intolerable that needs to be tolerated.  And we stir up the inner cities as an easy way to use them as a specific voting block transgressing all the way back to slavery itself.
     Slavery is unconscionable under any circumstance, but was not an American phenomenon.  As a matter of fact America was the only nation where slaves had a life expectancy that allowed them to even develop their own culture.  Slaves of the South American and European mines, for example, didn’t last long enough to develop much of anything.  Other parts of the world were worse. 
     The very foundation of our nation is what ended slavery here.  So, if anything, we should celebrate how our very culture (defined by equality) directly led to its demise.
     But some would rather promote the slavery of government dependence because they believe that certain segments of society are incapable of survival without their superior wisdom and virtue.  There’s an entire political party guided by racism.  They are who fought to the death to maintain slavery while another party was promoting freedom for all.
     There’s a scale with personal responsibility, accountability and self-reliance on one end and government dependence on the other.  Our nation was founded on the prior and we're perilously headed towards Baltimore and Detroit with where we find ourselves on this scale a very accurate predictor of outcomes.
     Small government/big people is what made our nation great, but we have become large government/small people.  Many of the problems of our nation’s 186 urban centers seem to have something in common - government policies that repel business thereby repelling opportunity in exchange for voting blocks and campaign dollars from big-labor.
     We get shuttled into the cattle car of pre-determined “small people” thought.  Issues like abortion, gun control, global warming, stem cell research, gay marriage, etc. are all designed to herd us towards division and demise without regard for what’s really important.
     We blame our failures, in this case, on racism just as Hitler blamed the failures of socialism on the Jews.  We've replaced God with an “anything goes” culture where corruption and submission have replaced great Democratic traditions by those with a compulsive lust for power.  Corporate and union greed, organized crime and special interests are tearing down everything decent in this country for their own selfish agendas.  And we demonstrate our political cowardice by preferring the easy approval of others to honesty, character and courage.
     The job ahead is too great for mere man to address.  We need to find unity in our differences in the same manner that built our nation in the first place.  We need to get back to the common guiding principles that have always defined who we really are (as found in our churches, temples and synagogues). 
     I can only speak as a Jew and say that American synagogues have become the DNC and this must change.  Moses would not be happy.   
     A spiritual awakening acknowledging an equality of all people that recognizes the individual as the highest authority in the land is our only hope.  This is the basis of our Constitution whose only flaw is a failure to obey it. 
     Freedom of speech does not excuse those who are free from thought.  We’re better than this and must start voting out moral sloppiness replacing race-baiting racists with real men and women of character. 
     Maybe the golden calf was fun for a while, but the result is predictable as is the result from the more important values that we all share that are staring us right in the face readily available upon request.  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Weekend of Character - Bucks County Courier Times November 20, 2014

     I had one of the highest honors of all time last weekend in Washington, DC (with 30,000 like-minded runners) picking up the rear at the Marine Corps Marathon.  Fortunately for me, the majority of the magic of the weekend wasn’t with the “running” part, but in meeting some of the American superheroes of today. 
     It began with the wife of an Army Ranger lost in combat while she was 9 months pregnant.  The story of the support she’s received from the team I participated with is one of the greatest examples of leaving-no-one-behind that I’ve ever heard.  Prior to the weekend I learned of a runner on crutches who was determined to complete the entire 26+ mile run.  She did complete it with her triple amputee Marine boyfriend waiting at the Finish Line for the most profound demonstration of the human spirit that I’m aware of.  Meeting them by chance on the way to the start was a life highlight that defies words.
     We often say that we support the troops, but do we really?  Do we know who they are, what they stand for, what they believe in and what motivates them to risk and sacrifice life and limb so that the rest of us can continue our way of life unencumbered?
     We have failed these young men and women who have given (and continue to give) so much.  We allow our politicians to play games with their lives while they maintain the character and integrity that our nation needs now more than ever.  We fail by believing self-serving “leaders” void of substance over those who really lead.
     Take Iraq, for example.  We have not only undermined the effort in Iraq, but have in fact reversed the gains in exchange for the political favor of the uninformed masses thereby doing irreparable damage to worldwide security.  But need we be the uninformed masses?  Have we always been so uninformed and why are we so uninformed and shallow?
     Freedom is the natural human condition from where opportunity for all originates.  Dictatorship, tyranny and oppression are the roots of the fanaticism that spawn terrorism.  So, naturally, having a beacon of freedom in the epicenter of irrational hatred would seem to be the best weapon against terror (since opportunity and terror are inversely related).
     Certainly not without its challenges since those with anti-freedom agendas are always trying to (by definition) undermine freedom itself, but this effort was undermined right from the start and then undone bringing us back to square one or worse.
     We could simply turn all of our attention to killing the perpetrators, but since terror originates from oppression the best long-term weapon against it would seem to be freedom and opportunity.  Just takes some outside-the-box thinking to grasp the concept.  Not entirely our fault since the current and past “leadership” has failed on some of the most basic tenants of leadership (like keeping your people informed, for example), but not moving forward with truth and honesty at this time in history is now our fault.
     Maybe we can begin following the example of our men and women in uniform.  Most of us do recognize and embrace character and integrity when we see it which is why so many seek to support the troops and be a part of what they represent.
     The best way then, in my opinion, to support the troops is to become what they are.  They are real leaders and becoming like them is easy once the commitment is made.  Leadership is simply helping others to do their best and is achieved by:
     1.  set an example worth following
     2.  keep your word
     3.  stand up for what’s right even if you’re the only one doing it
     4.  get the job done without being told
     5.  be friendly and respectful
     6.  treat everyone equally
     7.  be enthusiastic and let others do what they do best without interfering
     8.  share unpleasant tasks
     9.  put the needs of others before your own
   10.  privately correct others when they’re wrong
   11.  help those who are in trouble
   12.  weigh the facts with good judgment
   13.  be neat and clean and on time
     Taking cues from our nations’ brightest, bravest and finest is the best way to honor and support them and based on my recent observations we are in no short supply and they welcome us with open arms.  The price of character and integrity is far less than the burden and cost of selfish emptiness and the rewards for all significantly surpass the initial fee.