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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

And I Still Bother Why - Bucks County Courier Times April 4, 2018

     So here’s what’s wrong right now:
     Literally everything is about politics.
     Law enforcement is about politics and not about law enforcement.
     Pennies on the dollar of health care dollars go to health care.  The rest goes to politics.
     We promote the legalization of recreational drugs (even for other than medical reasons) and then pretend to be on the tip-of-the-spear of the war on drug abuse.  Not sure what else to say about that one.
     We can’t have any discomfort in our lives so we demand drugs from our doctor.  We seek their (doctors) destruction if we don’t get them.  We blame doctors if we do.  The good news is that everyone gets a medal.
     Everyone’s looking for a drug to solve their problems rather than face them and then blame doctors, big pharma and everyone else.
     We constantly seek to suppress one behavior with a pill only to have it manifest itself with another, often worse, behavior.  The drugs that we give to kids are often like putting a Band-Aid on a gaping infected wound.
     We enable deadly drug abuse by telling the abuser that they’re sick.  Drug abusers have a battle that they’re going to have to fight on a daily basis for the rest of their lives without making excuses that just enable more abuse, crime and death.  Yes, tough love sucks for everyone.
     Bucks County officials are suing opioid manufacturers as part of their war on opioid abuse.  Need I say more?  See above if I do.
     Possibly worst of all is that we now make it more difficult for those who desperately need pain medications the most who have not and will not abuse them.
     Especially in places like Bucks County we vote for so-called Republicans who haven’t a Republican bone in their bodies.  This is turning places like Bucks County into the places where people move to Bucks County to get away from.  Not to make that all about politics, but maybe there’s a connection with this as to why places like Bucks County seem to be in the opioid abuse lead.
     Anytime there’s a tragedy involving a violent murderer everyone who didn’t do it gets blamed.
     We’re constantly creating gun-free-safe-zones which end up being magnets for violent sociopaths.  Even though NRA members aren’t violent sociopaths we blame the NRA, The Constitution (which doesn’t permit violent sociopathic behavior) and the handful of elected officials who honor their Oath of Office.
     There have always been violent sociopaths, but we’re now too politically correct to do anything about it and too broke because of the squandering of health care dollars.  See Point #1.
     We are not a culture of life.  I’m going to hold off on going into detail for now.
     We tell everyone how awesome a lifestyle of perverted sexual behavior is and then wonder what happened when our society becomes remarkably deviant and lost.  We can then pretend that we’re shocked and even hide behind our fake outrage with a “Me Too” hashtag.  We may even go all-in in the world-of-make-believe with our anti-hate lawn signs.
     We make difficult discussions taboo and then wonder why people are incapable of having rational discussions about difficult topics.
     Many religious institutions have become satellites for the DNC.
     The Republican Party has become a satellite for the DNC.
     My personal favorite is saying that we support the troops while undermining everything they stand for and believe in.  Character and integrity sound nice, but actually require character and integrity.
     Congratulations.  We’ve created our government-sponsored utopia.  The pride must be oozing from every delusional pore.

Friday, March 16, 2018

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Not Sure What to Say Anymore - Bucks County Courier Times March 6, 2018

     Frequent Vent writer x had it completely backwards when he likened the NRA Executive Vice President's speech at CPAC to "the original German version".
     The political unrest of 1920's Germany led to gun registration in 1928 and then total confiscation in 1934.  We all know what happened next and many of those disarmed were very proud German WWI Veterans who were Jewish.
     I find the views of fellow Jews like x to be extremely shocking and misinformed/misguided, but fortunately we have organizations like the NRA defending Mr. x's right to have whatever opinion he likes and the freedom to express it however he pleases.
     Wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The End of an Era - Bucks County Courier Times February 25, 2018

     Some of my fellow Conservative friends have recently been expressing their disappointment with the political leanings of the Courier Times, but people everywhere are very misinformed and not just the writers of the Courier Times.  It’s weird that news organizations seem to lead the charge, but maybe it’s more our fault than theirs.
     Everyone gets angry, builds an impenetrable wall and the political parties run amuck throwing parties for themselves that we pay for and aren’t invited to.  It’s actually all by design with some guy in a basement cubicle in Washington thinking up ways to get everyone riled up about nothing.
     Ill-informed commentary is nothing more than a call to action for those with functioning brains.  It’s nothing new and is the foundation to our 2-party system.  One side says something stupid and the other (hopefully) tries to set the record straight.
     Granted, we’re currently functioning under 1-party rule with both Republicans and Democrats trying to be Democrats.
     Wouldn’t it be an idea to return to the founding principles of integrity, character and honesty that most seek regardless of party?  What is it, then, that makes these traits seem so elusive today?  Why do the basic traits and principles of good leadership conflict with the goals of today’s politicos?
     Politics tends to cater to those who show up so the more we throw our hands up in despair (which is their goal) the worse it gets.
     The undeniable fact remains that most people tend to live their private lives on Conservative principles.  Free markets, low taxes and personal responsibility are what define us as a nation with Capitalism lifting more out of poverty than any government program could ever think of. 
     Seems like people get increasingly crazy when they rely on government for anything - government fails to deliver (because it’s not capable) and “solutions” arise that try to fix everything with what caused the problem in the first place.  This is probably the top argument in favor of a Conservative small government and the official definition of insanity.
     There’s probably just as many Conservative Democrats as there are Conservative Republicans (especially now with there being very little difference between the two parties).  It’s like you know you’re making a bad decision by voting for the Democrat vs. the perception that you’re not by voting Republican.  Another call to action, I’d say, for us Conservatives.
     Everyone screams for good leadership until they get it.  They continue to scream because they constantly believe the spoon-fed agendas of those who rely on our ignorance for their livelihoods.  Good leadership is not moderate - it actually stands for something, takes positions and gets things done.
     You can always blame apathy, but no one cares about that.  1/3 are always going to not care, but a group double that size is available for any good candidate to pursue.  We just have to do our part and not let the good candidates go which, sadly, is too often the case.
     A wild suggestion for Republicans would be to start being Republican.  Conservatives would finally have people to vote for and the Courier Times would have more stuff to write about. 
     Republicans would benefit tremendously from appreciating the true heritage of the GOP.  Taking moderate positions while abandoning their Conservative roots is why Republicans are losing membership in Bucks County and don’t even exist in Philly and Jersey.  In our defense we are surrounded and “All gardens will be invaded.”
     Sometimes I blame New Jerseyans and Philadelphians for fleeing their homelands and then voting the same way that created the mess they’re fleeing from, but it’s probably more our fault for not giving them choices consistent with what attracted them here in the first place. 
     So I’m giving saving-Republicans-from-themselves one more shot before switching to Independent where I can really not care.  There’s only so much one can do with two fake parties.  There is strength in numbers, though, so maybe we should all return to our Conservative roots and slowly drift back on course.  If not, there’s always the Libertarian Party; which is actually looking like a good liberating option and maybe the only place where one can be a Republican around here anymore.

Monday, October 16, 2017

And So It Goes - Bucks County Courier Times October 19, 2017

     As predicted, the usual suspects immediately respond to a terrible tragedy by attacking those who didn’t do it.  Are they aware that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant permission to be a violent predatory killer?  The 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant anyone anything.  It merely spells out a right of all humans that is frequently denied, but puts American lawmakers on report that possibly the most important of all civil rights isn’t negotiable.
     And such is the case for the rest of The Constitution.  It defines the natural born rights of all humans on earth before those rights are taken away.  It’s a warning of the predictable results of oppressive governance.  Just look at New Jersey, for example, or Nazi Germany.
     It was tyranny itself that spawned our own Declaration of Independence from which the end of slavery, women’s voting rights and the entire Civil Rights movement were born.  Those who really wish to demonstrate against hate, injustice and division might consider planting a Declaration of Independence lawn sign in front of their residence. 
     Taking a knee is fine, but probably defines the knee takers (in this context) as those who would do the same in celebration of dictators.  Not sure of the attraction to tyranny, but maybe that’s from my very American anti-authority complex (with the predictable results to prove it).
     My theory is that most of the problems that everyone is concerned about are a direct result of forgetting who we are as Americans (or not knowing in the first place).  We even constantly attack The Constitution whose only flaw, really, is a failure to obey it.  We disrespect our symbol of freedom, run around wearing vagina hats and worship at the altar of the golden athlete.
     What, then, is the solution?  The only thing I can think of is to try to the best of our ability to resist the constant false narratives that way too many of us view everything through the distorted prism of politics.  This, I believe, is what fuels the destructive behavior of sociopaths, more than anything, tipping them into crossing the line. 
     One of the most significant historical figures of our time, though, probably said it best when Howard Sterns’ father uttered, “Don’t be stupid you moron.”  That’s probably what needs to guide our nation for now more than any other movement, protest or grievance.
      Your anti-American behavior is creating a lot of un-American results.  Who would have thought?

Thursday, September 07, 2017

We've Forgotten Who We Are - Bucks County Courier Times August 21, 2017

     One of Hitler’s most powerful tools was ownership of the media and using it for intimidation and dishonest propaganda.  So let’s at least accurately identify who the real Nazis are/were.
     Being honest and outspoken is not the enemy yet we continue to allow others to assault independent thought and free speech as if they were.  Critical thinking was the primary enemy of Nazis so it’s very safe to say that 1920’s Germany rages on. 
     And with all of the associated nonsense of various monuments I can say with total confidence, and as a Jew no less, that one way to ensure another Holocaust is to tear down Auschwitz.  Makes one wonder why all of these monuments are at risk and why history is constantly being rewritten.
     The main problem that we have here in America, as far as I can tell, is that we’ve completely forgotten who we are.  We’re in luck, though, since we can readily refer back to our founding document.  The Declaration of Independence, some would say, is the ultimate reflection of the diversity, equality and unity that defines us so it’s no surprise that The Constitution itself is constantly under attack by tyrants, dictators and anyone else who views everything through the distorted prism of politics.
     We are the recipients of American values and not their victim even though a small vocal minority is constantly trying to make us believe otherwise.  These strategies were what defined the political turmoil and unrest of the real Nazi Germany and it’s very sad to see so many here in America falling for the same (and for the same reasons).
     Fortunately, The Constitution is what stands between us and another Nazi Germany so it’s the duty of all of us to defend it in its entirety against all enemies. 
     I think we’re good if we’re willing to (through honesty, free speech and independent thought) accept the responsibility of American citizenship.  Right now I’m not so sure, but I still think it’s worth trying.   
     Maybe that’s the whole idea.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Insanity - Bucks County Courier Times July 10, 2017

     The most shocking part of the opioid epidemic is a belief that it can be addressed with government programs and money.  Maybe look outside the box a bit like, for example, the normalization of deviant sexual behavior, a political system founded on abortion rights, the promotion of illicit drug use, applauding dishonesty and submission and Democrats running around pretending to be Republicans. 
     The insanity might end once we make the conscious decision to stop being insane.
     It’s called “dope” for a reason; one that cannot be cured with laws and money.